SA Memories – SASL

Old website from SA State Library on historical memories of SA.


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Researching British Records

Found a very useful article on researching parish records in the UK with tips of baptism and marriage ages etc.

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Bi-centenary year – 2015. Battle of Waterloo

OK, so this year it might be 100 years since the bungled military campaign at Gallipoli, but it is 200 years since a much more successful battle in Europe – at least for Britain and Prussia, that is WATERLOO.

 June 18th 1815, was the date for the Battle of Waterloo, which finally put an end to Napoleon’s overly grandiose ambitions to rule the world.

I have an ancestor who was in the Prussian army; he was a Grenadier in the Kaiser Alexander regiment, up to at least 1819.  I believe these were involved in Waterloo although I don’t know if he was actually at the battle or not.  Presumably he was involved in some of the Napoleonic battles.

This was Carl Gottlob Schäche who was the one who emigrated from Silesia (which was part of Prussia at the time) to South Australia in another very significant year for Prussia, 1848.  His marriage record states that he was a Grenadier in the regiment.

The family stories are that he left Silesia, and Europe, so his sons did not have to do military service.  Ha ha.  Sounds like he learnt a lot from his experiences.

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German Headstones in Australia

Now here is an interesting website for those with German ancestors.  It is a German site which lists gravestones of German immigrants and descendents in Australia.

“German” Headstones in Australia “Deutsche” Grabsteine in Australien

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Multiple connections

Have I mentioned this?  I was traversing through a family tree linked to mine via marriage, when I discovered one of the descendants in that tree was a first cousin of mine, via my direct line.  So I was related to him, and his entire family of course, twice.  He is my first cousin, so one of his parents is a sibling to one of mine, but he is also my 4th cousin once removed, via a different line through the other parent.

That is hilarious.

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Ancestry pie chart

I was recently musing on what my ancestral makeup was – ie, what percentage of me is from England, what from Ireland, etc.
I am 2nd generation English, also 3rd generation English; 4th generation French (or Canadian-French), 4th generation Irish protestant, 4th generation German (Silesian) as well as 3rd generation German (not sure where from).
Anyway, I have done up a pie chart of my ancestry – just for fun.
So I am just over half English, but a quarter German too.

English German Nth Irish French
56.25% 25% 12.5% 6.25%
 my ancestry pie chart
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