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In 1995 my great aunt turned 100 years old.  She was my father’s aunt.  At age 10, in 1905, she left the UK with her family and migrated to South Australia.

Her family seemed to have a wanderlust, moving each generation.  It caught my father too and as an adult moved his own family to New South Wales, where I was born and grew up, away from my cousins in South Australia.

I seemed to have inherited the same urge, living now in Victoria. But at the heart of it I feel there is a loneliness, a yearning to find some roots and a sense of belonging.

my ancestry pie chart

My ancestry

I began my own family history searching after my aunt’s birthday, wanting to find some clues to my own background.

The search has been very rewarding.  I have found a wealth of contacts with the early settlers of South Australia.  Far from being alone in a vast country, I have discovered I have long and complicated ties to the land.  And I have discovered many many distant relatives, some living in cities nearby, some still living in South Australia, and some living in the ancient lands my family came from.  These are people I had no idea I was related too, but who now form part of my extended family.

The advent of the internet has helped enormously.  I have made many strong contacts with some of these extended family members who are also researching branches of the same family.

 With this website I hope to gather together and share the results of all our research into the various branches of our shared family and put them together to form the one story. 

I welcome anyone who may want to share their research to add to this site.

If you wish to SUBMIT to this site please contact me via email. 


I invite all family members to investigate this site, and enjoy learning about their family, and meeting both near and distant cousins.

Irene Dawson.

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My Carrick Family History Trails
The Hawson Story
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Schaeche Family History Trails




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– main site for the family tree.

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– for tree of direct line
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